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Medellín, Colombia

Sunday, December 11, 2011

Video for Help Portrait Medellín 2011

Back in November I was apart of a charity photography project called, Help Portrait, for details about my experience click here. Below is a video I created from our experiences that day. Hope you like it!

Friday, December 9, 2011

Día de las Velitas

Yesterday, December 8th was a festivo day in Colombia, however it was a very special day that is celebrated every December. It's called: El Día de las Velitas (The Day of Candles). This day marks the official start of Christmas festivities throughout the country.

A little history on El Día de las Velitas:
"The celebration of this day began on December 8, 1854, when Pope Pius IX declared the Immaculate Conception of the Virgin Mary, a dogma of faith which states that by a singular grace of God, Mary was preserved from all sin, from its conception. This doctrine is of apostolic origin, but the dogma was proclaimed in 1854."

It is tradition that families spend it together, and light candles outside, listen to music, eat various kinds of food, and enjoy each others company. Also when each candle is lit, you are suppose to make a wish. It was beautiful to go around the city and various neighbourhoods and see all the candles light outside of people's homes.

To start the night, I headed to Sara's apartment to help decorate her house with the rest of her family, Leo and Leo's friend. We then ate a very common Colombian dinner which consisted of arepa con quesito, tostadas, and hot chocolate.

Then Sara, Leo, his friend, and myself headed outside to the park across the street from where Sara lives to light our own candles! While lighting each candle, I made sure to make a wish, and I even lit a candle for my mom. :)

While sitting in the park with our candles, there were many other people doing the same. There were even 2 hippies who came into the park to do a fire juggling show, which was impressive to see. We sat around the candles, chatting, and just enjoying the night, and taking in El Día de las Velitas. It was great to experience this special day in Colombia, and be apart of it! Thanks Sara! :)

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Monday, December 5, 2011

A new friend

The other day I was in the kitchen, and all of a sudden I heard what sounded like a cat meowing. Sure enough I go into the livingroom, and there with my roommate with the smallest most adorable little kitten. She had rescued him from a neighbourhood where unfortunately its brothers and sisters were killed by a dog and it was the only one left :(

She took it to the vet to get checked out, as it was very skinny, and probably a bit sick. But after a couple days, with lots of food, water and a new home, it's doing really well. His name is Rocky (my roommate named him). I love cats, especially kittens, so ive been giving it lots of attention, but obviously it loves. Check out me and Rocky:

Thursday, December 1, 2011

December has arrived!


Christmas is a BIG deal in Colombia, as it´s not just celebrated on one day like we do in Canada, it´s celebrated throughout the month of December. So December in general is like one giant party.

To start off the month, there are normally celebrations on the night of November 30th. This date is important because at 12midnight December starts, and the people of Colombia like to receive and greet the new month dancing, drinking alcohol, being with family etc, because it is a custom and a saying that how you receive December is how you will spend the entire month. So if you receive December dancing, having a great time, you're December is going to be great! So many people will party hard on the night of November 30th, to ensure their December will be filled with happiness, fiestas, and good times.

Also at 12midnight, people set off fireworks, so I could see from my window (and of course hear them until about 1am) all the fireworks being set off throughout the city. It was very impressive to see. It reminded me a lot of what normally happens on New Years Eve in North America, very similar, but just a month early here! The whole night and events definitely got me pumped and super excited for December in Colombia!