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Medellín, Colombia

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Last weeks in Medellín

I have been taking advantage of my time here in Medellín as it winds down, and the closer I get to returning to Canada. Over the past couple of weeks, I have finished my contract working, partying a lot in Lleras, seeing as many friends as possible, and starting to say my goodbyes :(

On Tues Jan 31st, I had my last day of work. I absolutely loved working at CICE. It was an amazing experience, and the people I worked with were awesome. I learned so much with regards to the Colombian business environment, improved my Spanish and business vocabulary, and has the ability to interact with clients in a different country while speaking a different language! Needless to say, I was incredibly lucky to have such an amazing internship through AIESEC. It was so much more than I was expecting, and I gained some incredible relevant experience that I hope will help me get the job I want when i get back to Canada!

This past Saturday I had my despedida (Spanish for farewell party). We started the night at Mesa 23, a bar owned by a friend of mine, where we all met up and had a few beers. Then we headed to Buenavista for some salsa dancing, and danced the night away until the bar closed around 230am.

It was at my despedida that I said the majority of my goodbyes to friends, coworkers, etc. It wasnt until I said goodbye to my friends at the end of the night, that it started to sink in that Im actually leaving. I cant believe it's been a year already, time has flown!

Last night my friend Alejandro and I went to hang out in Ciudad del Rio which is a park near where I use to live in Poblado. It's this kind of cool skateboard area mixed in with an industrial style park. Here, Alejandro put on a bit of a show, and did his fire poi for me. It was super impressive to see. Basically poi is a artistic skill where a person has 2 balls that are attached to a chain, and normally lit on fire, and they are swung in all kinds of different ways and rhythms and the result are some incredible tricks and sights. Check out some photos:

Here is a video:

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